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What is Thought Leader Connect?

Thought Leader Connect is an online conversation where you can join together with other production designers, directors, programmers, and technicians from within the Worship Tech Community to sharpen your skills as a technician on stage and a leader within your organization.

Why Sign Up?

Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another, and there is no better evidence of that than growing as a technician, and a leader, in a group of like-minded individuals. As a Lighting Director or Technical Director in a leadership role, you know advanced technical skills and leadership development are key to building your technical and volunteer staff and maintaining a healthy team.

Joining Thought Leader Connect means collaborating with experienced industry leaders who care about your success, connecting with other worship leaders who have been in your shoes, sharpening your technical ability as tools advance, and building life-long relationships along the way.

What do I get?

  • 24/7 Access to the Exclusive TLC* Platform
  • Six Months of Relationship Building, Support, and Learning in Your Small Group Mentor Circle
  • Monthly Virtual Discussion Groups within Your Mentor Circle, Lead by Your Mentor
  • Access to All Your Mentor Circle Discussion Replays
  • Continued Mentor Circle Mentoring on Key Topics on the Platform
  • Virtual Calls with the Entire Thought Leader Connect Family
  • VIP Status at Thought Leader Activities and Events Worldwide
  • Access to Exclusive Thought Leader Events

Build Relationships That Can Last a Lifetime

Our Promise

Thought Leader Connect is here to align ourselves with you, to encourage and facilitate positive growth that will strengthen the Worship Tech Community. Enjoy the incredible experiences Thought Leader Connect offers you, and we promise to maintain a safe and respectful environment for all. Thought Leader Connect is a safe place to share your ideas and experiences with people who understand where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

We ask that in all your words and actions you promise to be respectful and kind to all members and leaders within the platform, to be present and active at Thought Leader events and conversations, and to believe in yourself and your ability to make a positive impact within your organization, and on your congregation.

Meet our Leaders!

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Andy Bentley

Sr. Thought Leader

Daniel Page

Sr. Thought Leader

Griffin McCravy

Sr. Thought Leader

Meet Your Host

Daryl has spent the past three decades in the professional lighting and audio industry. His passion to encourage individual growth and technical excellence in the Worship Tech Community is a role he’s been blessed to serve in for the past 15+ years. Daryl has supported and instructed various worship training events such as Seminars 4 Worship, Christian Musician Summit, C3 Conference, Impacting Purpose Events, Impact Worship Tours, as well as being a founding director of Worship Arts Technology Summit (WATS). Daryl is the National Worship Resource Manager for Chauvet Lighting and loves seeing his mission to inspire, educate, and enable Worship Tech Community professionals come to life in Thought Leaders Connect.
A letter from Daryl
Best of all, because Thought Leader Connect is driven by the community, it is available to anyone involved in Worship Production eager to develop leadership skills, sharpen their technical ability, and strengthen spiritual growth.”

— DARYL SUTTON, Director of Thought Leader

A letter from Daryl

Industry Leadership Starts Here

Here at Thought Leader Connect we take leadership seriously. After all, decades of personal and industry experience have shown that your strength as a leader and level of technical skill has a deep impact on your team, yourself, and your congregation.

That’s why Thought Leaders Connect is full of support, know-how, proven strategies, and skill building. Your personal and professional development matters and you can go so much further in a community than you can on your own.

From lighting up a stage to growing the level of service you and your team can bring to serve your senior leaderships vision, Thought Leader Connect is the place for you. Come together with like-minded Worship Tech Community pros to develop skills, build relationships, and foster fruitful opportunities that can help to guide you from where you are now, to where you want to go next.

Still got questions?

How much does it cost to be a member of Thought Leader Connect?
Though Leader Connect is intentionally created as a free experience, so there’s no cost to join or remain a member.
Can I choose my Mentor?
Though we can’t guarantee you get into a specific Mentor Circle, you can request a specific Mentor when you Request to Join the Thought Leader Connect community.
When are the monthly trainings and community calls?
All event dates and times are decided by the Director and the individual Mentor leading your Mentor Circle. A full schedule of your Mentor Circle events and the Thought Leader Community events is available to you once you become a member.
Which months are the six months of Mentor Circle trainings?
Sessions run in 6 consecutive months. Sessions will begin in January & July of every calendar year.
Can I be in multiple Mentor Circles at the same time?
Your enthusiasm for growth and community is awesome! Due to the limited capacity for each Mentor Circle, you can only be in one Mentor Circle at a time. However, once your first Mentor Circle has wrapped up, you can request to join another Mentor’s Circle for the next six month round of training.
Can I network and promote my own products or services to the community?
Though you’re encouraged to connect with your fellow Worship Tech Community pros, solicitation is not permitted.
What if I can’t make the live trainings?
All live sessions are recorded and uploaded to your Mentor Circle’s Private Home Feed. You have access to all of the Circle Discussion replays that takes place during the six month Mentor Circle Session.
How do I know I’m eligible to join?
If you are involved in the Worship Tech Community, You’re a perfect fit. Weather you are an up and coming or a seasoned professional, if you are looking to create relationships and sharpen your leadership skills……….You are Welcomed!
Do all of the Mentors cover the same topics?
Yes! Each Mentor will guide the discussion from their unique perspective and experience on the preset Thought Leader Connect discussion topics.
How much time to I need to commit to get the most out of this experience?
Like all things, the more you put in, the more you get out. Expect to spend just a few hours a month in live discussion groups, the community call, and engaging on the platform.
What’s the most important thing for me to know about Thought Leader Connect?
Be present, active, and follow through on your commitments. Engage in new relationships, sharpen your leadership skills and Most of all…….Have FUN!!!

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